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Windstorm Cleanup & Repairs

On a clear, sunny day, you can’t imagine any damage happening to your home. But in a strong windstorm, suddenly every tree on your property is a dangerous threat. Strong windstorms can knock down power lines, bring trees smashing onto your roof, leave heavy debris on your property, knock off your siding, smash your windows, send the neighbor’s trampoline through your fence, and so much more.

And while you can handle minor debris cleanup on your own (or with a friendly neighbor’s help), bigger issues like damaged roofs and siding, broken windows, or downed trees need extra equipment and expertise to get your home back to normal — or better. At New Life Restoration, we’re the calm to your storm. We’ll take care of immediate damage, protect against future damage, and restore your home to its original shape — or better.

Tackling Immediate Damage

You see the downed tree, the water leaking through the new hole in the roof, the smashed window, and the photo albums that are getting blown about in the exposed living room. Where should you even begin? It’s overwhelming, and with your emotional eye, you may find yourself starting where you should end.

But in an emergency, there is always a glaring issue that needs to be handled before you can even think about the rest of situation. And that’s what New Life Restoration is about. We’re here to spot that issue and immediately put an end to it so we can minimize further damage and get your home on the path to repair and restoration.

We’ll cover exposed holes to prevent water and debris from continuing to get into your home. We’ll remove debris that could be dangerous to your home’s structure. We’ll board up or tarp damaged roofs or siding.

One thing that many people don’t consider in the midst of a weather catastrophe is that their home is now at increased risk for theft. In a windstorm, your home may be damaged in such a way that allows thieves to enter without much trouble. We can spot those potential entry points and we’ll board them up and secure your property to protect it from potential thieves. No matter the size of your home or business, and no matter the extent of damage, we can secure your property and give you peace of mind.

Water Damage

Water damage is a real problem in a windstorm. Water and mud can soak and destroy your belongings, ruin your floors and walls, and seep undetected into crevices. And because mold can begin growing in just a few days, any sort of water damage needs to be handled swiftly and with the proper methods.

Water damage is a lot more than sopping up the water and leaving a fan on the area for a few days. At New Life Restoration, we’ll extract the water using scientific methods and equipment. We’ll then thoroughly dry the structure to prevent mold growth. We’ll help you determine which items are damaged beyond repair, and which can be kept and/or restored.

If time has passed and mold has had the chance to grow, we can also handle mold remediation, ensuring you and your family don’t suffer from the negative health effects that mold can bring to a home.

Putting It All Back Together

The process isn’t complete until your home is put back together. And that’s what sets New Life Restoration apart. Not only do we handle the initial securing and cleanup of the property, as well as water damage and mold remediation, we’ll help you restore your home back to its original shape — or better.

If your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, your home needs new paint, your shutters need to be repaired or replaced, you need new siding or new windows, or even if you need to remodel the interior of your home, we’re your company. We’ll walk you through the repair and design process so you don’t have to worry. Our highly trained and dedicated team is always on call — 24/7 — to help you in any emergency. Give us a call at (805) 925-1600 or contact us online today.

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