24/7 Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration Services

New Life Restoration is your 24/7 solution for water damage cleanup and restoration. We offer residential and commercial services in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.

Our team of professionals are IICRC, and WTR certified and extensively trained in the scientific methods of cleaning up water damage.

Sources of Water Damage


There are many ways your home could get water damage, and New Life Restoration can assist you in water disaster cleanup in these and other scenarios:

  • A riverbed near your home overflows, causing water to come into your house
  • A hillside gives out, causing water and mud to flow into your home
  • A pipe freezes or bursts inside your house
  • Your roof is damaged, and these cracks allow rain and moisture to drip into the house
  • Pipes inside the house have undetected holes, worn hoses, or weak fittings that cause leaks in the home

Detecting Water Damage

Some forms of water damage/disasters are easy to recognize. There is no disputing a problem if water is flooding into your house, or dripping down from the ceiling. In these cases, you can call New Life Restoration to extract the water, clean up the damage, and restore your home.

In other cases, water damage may not be so obvious. Some signs of potential water damage include:

  • Bubbles in the wall where moisture is getting in
  • Moldy or musty smells
  • A spike in your water bill, which may indicate that you have a leak

In these cases, New Life Restoration can do a proper inspection to determine if you have water damage, and then take the steps to correct the problem.

Water Damage Services

Believe it or not, there is a scientific way to clean up water damage and dry down a house. Many people think they can clean up the damage themselves by extracting the water and patting the areas dry, but improper cleanup can lead to problems such as mold and dry rot down the line.

New Life Restoration has special equipment and the scientific knowledge to dry down your home the right way. Our services include:

  • Water extraction (in the case of flooding)
  • Removing infected material
  • Completely drying down the home
  • Assessing mold damage
  • Restoring or remodeling the affected area

In addition, we also offer free leak detection and free moisture analysis. Our specialized
equipment can tell us if you have a leak in a pipe or moisture in the wall. This helps us determine the scope of the damage and how far it spreads, in order to choose a proper course of action.

Dealing with Your Insurance Company after a Disaster

It is important to mention that not all water damage is covered under insurance. Most damage that occurs from outside sources, such as bad weather, flooding and mudslides, is not covered under traditional homeowners insurance.

In these cases you need to have special flood insurance in order to be approved for an insurance claim. This is an important consideration if you live in an area that is prone to this type of damage.

Other forms of water damage that originate from inside the house – such as frozen, burst or leaky pipes – are covered under most homeowners insurance.

If you have insurance that covers the source of your water damage, New Life Restoration can help by creating itemized lists of damaged items and costs to restore the home.

We also do thorough inspections to make sure every part of the damage is included. Insurance companies can be stingy, but it’s much harder to dispute a claim if it is backed up with all the necessary details. New Life Restoration will advocate for you during your insurance claims process to get you the most money for your home restoration or remodel.

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We strive to provide our customers with the best service they have ever received. Watch the videos below to hear about the experience a few of our satisfied customers have had with New Life Restoration.


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