What to Do if a Tree Falls on Your Home

what to do if a tree falls on your home

Few things are more terrifying than when your home is threatened. When a tree falls on your house, it may at first feel like the end of the world. The loud cracks of the wood can sound like gunfire. The noise, destruction, and chaos is enough to make anyone freeze in fright. But the catastrophe takes quick thinking. Read on to find out what to do if a tree falls on your home.


Don’t think about it. Just get out of the house as quickly as you can. Right now, before trees are falling on your house (we hope), is a good time to set up an evacuation plan with all members of your family. Talk about what to do, and how to get out of the house safely, in a variety of different situations. Set up a go-bag — something that contains copies of important documents, cash, toiletries and clothes — so you can quickly grab the essentials and get to a safe place.

Call 911

Get to a safe location, and call 911 to find out what the next safe step is for your situation. Let them know if wires have been knocked down. (You may need to report this to the power company as well.) A fire crew or public service representative may come to your house to check out the damage and determine the safety issues.

Call a Disaster Relief Company

Don’t attempt to remove branches from your roof on your own. Call a disaster relief company right away to come out, assess the situation, document it properly for insurance purposes, and set a relief plan in motion that will start with protecting the now-exposed parts of your home from the elements.

You have a legal right to work with any disaster relief company you choose, so right now is a good time to find one with values you trust. New Life Restoration is a family-owned company that is unaffiliated with any insurance company. This means we aren’t working for your insurance company’s bottom line. We’re working to get you back on you feet. And we’ll help you get every penny you deserve from the insurance company.

Call Your Insurance Company

You need to know if this disaster is going to be covered under your insurance policy. If a healthy tree is knocked onto your house because of a storm, your insurance company will likely pay part or all of the cost. However, if you had a rotten tree that has fallen onto your house, the insurance company may work to prove that you were negligent. It’s always a good idea to take stock of the trees surrounding your home.

Secure Your Home

If you won’t be able to live in your home while it is being repaired, make sure you secure it to prevent looters from entering. Lock all doors and windows, and even remove your valuables and put them in temporary storage.

New Life Restoration

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