Total Reconstruction

Water damage. Fire. Windstorm. Sewage backup. Mold. Unfortunately, there are too many ways for a home to suffer a disaster and cause homeowners heaps of stress and burden.

Fortunately, there is always a way to restore and renew. At New Life Restoration, we specialize in all parts of your disaster recovery journey — from the immediate cleanup and securing of your property to a beautiful remodel. We know the emotional, financial, and physical hardships that arise after a home disaster, and we are determined to make your path to reconstruction and recovery as easy as possible.

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The Immediate Aftermath

The success of your home’s restoration depends heavily on the quick — and correct — actions taken during the disaster and immediately following it. Leaving issues for too long can make restoration and reconstruction more difficult, time consuming and costly. As a 24/7 disaster relief company, we get to your home quickly, stop further destruction from happening, and set your home up to be ready for repairs. Whether it’s flood, fire, storm, or something else, we can get you situated in a hurry.


Once your home is settled and the disaster has ended, we get to work on reconstructing the damaged parts of your home. From floors to roofs, and everything in between, we have the expertise to put your home back together. After assessing the state of your property, we’ll work with you on a plan for reconstruction. Because we are an IICRC-Certified firm, we have the necessary training and equipment to safely put your home back together, not only eliminating current damage but preventing future damage from surfacing due to your disaster.


Insurance can be tricky to manage when you’ve experienced a home disaster. And with everything on your plate, now is not the best time to figure out how to become proficient at dealing with insurance companies. When you work with us, we’ll be right by your side through the insurance process.

Your insurance company will typically cover only the costs of improvement. Basically, they will pay to restore your home to its previous condition. But this is hard, because they try to keep the costs down as much as possible, and there is always a push and pull.

It’s absolutely critical to have proper documentation for a fair insurance payment, and at New Life Restoration, this step is an unquestionable part of our process. Your insurance company will have a harder time disputing your claim when they have all evidence and documentation presented to them, and we work hard to make that happen. This includes creating a detailed inventory of your unsalvageable items, as well as thoroughly inspecting every bit of your damage so we don’t miss anything. We look for hidden issues, like signs of water damage or mold damage in unseen places.

On top of that, we work with all insurance companies, which is not a given when it comes to disaster relief companies. Be aware that some companies are preferred vendors of certain insurance companies, which means they are working for both you and for the insurance company. We feel that this would compromise our ability to give our best to our customers, and so at New Life Restoration, we work only for you. You can rest assured, knowing we are ready and capable of fighting on your behalf to get you what you deserve.

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Some people choose to use a disaster as a chance to not only repair the damage but to remodel and upgrade to something newer and better. That’s why having New Life Restoration on your side as you go through the insurance process is so advantageous. With us working to get you the most that you deserve, the difference between repair and remodel grows smaller.

Our team of designers and restoration experts can help you get the home you’ve always wanted, effectively turning your disaster into a fresh start. Our project managers have years of experience making this process as simple as possible for you.

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Knowledgeable & Efficient

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This company has done an amazing job for us. We had severe mold damage from a hidden water heater leak and they have done the mold mitigation and rreconstruction of our kitchen. Deborah has managed the project very professionally, keeps us informed, interacts with the insurance company and relieves our stress. John Gerarden, Cory and Jonathan have done most of the construction work and have been efficient and very pleasant to have around. They are careful, knowledgeable and thorough. Our cabinets were rebuilt and reinstalled by Ken, Pablo, Ryan and Ryan and they are perfect. Cindy, in the showroom, has helped us with new countertops, kitchen sink and faucet and has been a huge help. Call this company, you will not be disappointed!


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I cannot say enough about what a fine, responsible and efficient job New Life did for my total demolition and reconstruction. From the office, Raquel to the workman, Cory and Jesse, they were outstanding. Not only were they considerate (removed my mother's ashes') for me, but they were patient and courteous with me during stressful times. The direction of all this excellence comes from the care with which Deborah handled a very laborious removal of all my things and the replacement when the time finally came. The greatest effort was made to facilitate procedures with a very difficult insurance company. Deborah was firm and consistent with them and remained diligent until the final end. I don't think I could have made this long remodel without the professionalism of Deborah Lamberton. She is an incredible asset to the company. I am grateful to the entire crew.

Effective & Efficient

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New Life and it's associate's are very knowledgeable in the construction and restoration departments, i am very satisfied with their quality of work. They were able to provide quick but effective and efficient service.

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