Summer Home Disasters — and How to Prevent Them

summer home disasters

Summer’s warm weather brings with it a set of unique potential home disasters that could devastate families. Whether you spend the summer jet setting the world, or playing in your own hometown, you need to be aware of the summer home disasters that could come knocking on your door.

Summer Home Disasters — Fires

It’s hot. And in some parts of the country, like California’s Central Coast, it’s often dry as well. Forest fires are a constant source of danger in California and other states, and if your home is too close to the danger, you need to be on high alert. Summer lightning storms can spark a fire at your home. And the grilling we love to do during the summer months can cause a dangerous fire.

Make sure you have adequate insurance, and consider hiring a professional to install a lightning rod on your property. Take precautions when grilling or having a bonfire, and keep a fire extinguisher ready at all times.

Summer Home Disasters — Floods

It only take a few inches of water to cause extensive damage in your home. Whether it’s a heavy rainstorm, a forgotten sprinkler, a busted washing machine, a flash flood, or something else, a home flood can be devastating.

Again, make sure you have proper insurance. Also, be vigilant about checking your home for signs of leaking. Don’t leave your washing machine running when you leave the house, and if you’re going on vacation, turn off the water supply to the laundry area since a washing machine can bust when you aren’t expecting it. If you notice a bulge in the hose line of your washing machine, be aware that it’s weak. Likewise watch for signs that the water heater is about to break — rust on the outside and water on the floor.

Summer Home Disasters — Summer Storms

Severe summer storms bring heavy winds, hail, lightning, and more. Roof damage from hail or a downed tree limb will bring leaking and flooding.

Trim your trees that have low-hanging or unhealthy branches. You may want to hire an arborist to inspect the health and status of the trees on your property. Fix leaks in your roof and windows before a storm hits so they don’t expand and cause serious damage. Sign up for weather alerts, so you can take the time to secure lawn furniture and other items in your yard before a storm hits.

Keep nonperishable foods and plenty of water on hand, as well as medications your family and pets need.

Summer Home Disasters — Mold

Once given the opportunity, mold grows and spreads quickly. If you’ve experienced any amount of flooding, you can be sure mold is probably on its way, if it hasn’t already settled down as a resident in your home. Hire a disaster cleanup service as soon as possible to handle the mold safely, while ensuring none will return.

Be Prepared

This is a good time to update the inventory of your home. If the unthinkable happens, you want your homeowner’s claim to go as smoothly as possible. Take pictures of your rooms, open drawers, open closets, open cupboards, attic, backyard, and front yard. Store the photos online where you can access them easily so you can provide your insurer with an inventory as soon as possible after a disaster.

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