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Smoke Damage Restoration

If you’ve experienced a house fire, the nightmare unfortunately isn’t over once the fire trucks drive away. No, now you’re left with cleanup, including smoke damage and odor removal.

All surfaces and items in your home are at risk and need to be tended to immediately. Because smoke residue is often acidic, it can damage all materials, including hard surfaces. It only takes a few minutes for ash to begin to discolor the items and materials closest to the fire. Within hours, the finishes on your appliances will begin to yellow. And within days, your walls, upholstery, and clothing will be permanently discolored.

And the odor of smoke is a deeper and trickier issue. An invisible and insidious problem, smoke odors after a fire can hang around for years in soft surfaces, ductwork, and more if not handled correctly.

And it’s not just the bad smell that will be bothersome. You and your family members can inhale the tiny smoke and soot particles, which can lead to respiratory damage and lung irritation. Serious issues like asthma, heart disease, bronchitis, and more, may follow. If you have any children or elderly people in your home, their weaker immune systems are more susceptible.

Managing fire smoke damage and odor removal is something that needs to happen quickly, professionally, and immediately. As a 24/7 disaster relief company, New Life Restoration can get to your home quickly and begin the cleanup process, reducing the impact of smoke damage and odor on your home, your health, and your wallet.

Smoke Damage Cleanup

The damage you’re faced with depends on the type of fire your home experienced. For example, a high oxygen fire will likely leave a smoke residue that is more dry and easier to handle. A low oxygen fire will leave behind wet, smoky residue — and this is harder to remove.

If your fire was put out with water, this also complicates the smoke damage cleanup process because the increased humidity will have opened the pores of the wood in your home. And it will take very little time for smoke and residue to cozy up in those open pores.

At New Life Restoration, we understand the different types of fires and their impacts, and we quickly assess and get to work treating the smoke damage in the correct way.

In addition to understanding the type of fire and accompanying damage, you need to take toxicity into consideration as well. A house fire burns up all types of materials, including plastics and chemicals. When we begin the cleanup process in your home, we take these toxicity levels into consideration and ventilate and protect accordingly.

Smoke Odor Removal

Because the odor of smoke can seep into the surfaces of your home and linger for years, it’s important to follow a thorough process when handling odor removal. At New Life Restoration, our crew is highly trained in the exact scientific procedures that handle this difficult problem.


We’ll examine the items in your house to determine which can be cleaned and deodorized, and which need to be permanently removed. Your insulation will almost certainly have to be removed, and we will handle that.

We’ll ensure your home’s framing is not damaged beyond repair, and we’ll determine if smoke residue found its way behind the drywall of your home.

We’ll look at your counters and determine if smoke has gotten inside, and we’ll handle the resulting sealing that may be necessary.

We’ll clean or replace your carpets, sand and refinish wood floors, and replace laminate floors where smoke got underneath.

Fire Damage Cleaning

We’ll get down to the nitty gritty and get all of your surfaces cleaned with the right chemicals and materials. We’ll then use an odor counteractant to ensure that the odor smell disappears completely.

Seal Surfaces

Your smoke-damaged framing that doesn’t need to be removed will still need to be treated so that odors cannot seep into your home.

Other Odors

At New Life Restoration, we can also handle odor removal from other sources. A skunk wandered in and left its mark? Pets have left your home smelling like a zoo? You have a pungent smell from mold contamination? We can handle it all with a scientific process to completely remove the odors.

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Fire Damage Repair

If there are areas in your home that are structurally damaged from a fire and in need of repair, our trained team of craftsmen are ready to restore your home

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