San Luis Obispo Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration

There’s nothing worse than dealing with water damage in your San Luis Obispo home. Your home is supposed to be a safe haven; a shelter from the storm. But when the storm rages inside your home — whether that means a leaky roof from an actual storm or a burst pipe in the basement or kitchen — the overwhelming stress can be crushing.

How will you get all the water out? What if your floors or walls are destroyed? What if mold forms … and what if you don’t even know it?

New Life Restoration takes the worry and crushing stress off your shoulders by handling everything from extracting water, cleaning up the damage, and restoring your home — in record time. You can be at peace, knowing that the disaster you currently see will soon become your safe, secure home once again.

Why Not DIY?

Many people think the best thing to do is when water damage occurs in their home is to get to work cleaning it up and patting it dry.

While DIY works well in things like repairing leaky toilets and laying tile in the entryway, water damage is far too serious to try to handle yourself. Most of the time, water damage goes far beyond what you see on the surface. It can create trapped pockets of saturation that are only detectable with sophisticated moisture detection meters.

And since mold can form within 72 hours, it’s urgent that you get a professional company to thoroughly clean up any damage right away.

New Life Restoration keeps disaster relief project managers on call 24/7. We aim to have someone at your home within an hour and a half, and we get started on any emergency work right away.

A Proven Scientific Process

At New Life Restoration, we actually follow a scientific process to completely clean up water damage. We use sophisticated equipment, including moisture detection meters, to assess and repair water damage. Our services are beginning-to-end, and they include:

  • Water extraction (in the case of flooding)
  • Removing infected material
  • Completely drying down the home
  • Assessing mold damage
  • Restoring or remodeling the affected area

We don’t just thoroughly clean the damaged area; we put it back together for you.


Our team of professionals are IICRC, and WTR certified, which means we adhere to strict standards in our equipment, water extraction and restoration processes. You can trust that not only do we know what we’re doing, but we’re held to standards that ensure we do it right.

Customer Testimonials

Hear what other water damage restoration customers are saying about their experience with our company.

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We offer free leak detection and free moisture analysis of your San Luis Obispo, CA home so you can know the extent of damage before we even get started on the cleanup. Call us now at (805) 925-1600 for a free analysis.

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