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New Life Restoration’s remodeling services are a way that we can turn your disaster into something positive for your home and your family. Remodeling is becoming increasingly popular for homes and businesses that experience water damage, fire damage, mold or trauma. With remodeling we go a step beyond the basic restoration to give you the home of your dreams.


Insurance Considerations

In the case of disasters, your insurance claim money plays an important role in your ability to remodel. Insurance companies will not typically cover the costs of improvement – they pay to restore your home to its previous condition, and even that can be difficult because they fight to keep the costs down as much as possible.

That’s why having New Life Restoration to advocate for you is extremely helpful.

  • New Life Restoration works with all insurance companies.
  • We fight hard to get you all the money you deserve in your insurance claim.
  • Our process involves creating detailed inventories of your unsalvageable items to present all the necessary facts to the insurance company.
  • We also conduct thorough inspections so that every aspect of the damage is recorded and claimed.

You’d think you could say this for any disaster relief company, but unfortunately that is not the case.
Many of the franchise disaster relief companies in our area are ‘preferred vendors’ of the insurance company. That means they are not only working for you, they are also working to keep their relationship with the insurance company that gives them referrals. Since insurance companies fight to keep their costs down, this means you can’t always trust these ‘preferred vendors’ to act in your best interest.

New Life Restoration does not work for insurance companies – we work for you and only you. We gather all the data you need to turn in a solid insurance claim. Although insurance companies rarely approve everything, it is much harder for them to dispute the claim when all the facts are presented before them.

Our project managers also have years of experience in dealing with the push and pull between insurance companies. At New Life Restoration, you have a team of experts all fighting to get you the most for your insurance claim.

Restoration or Remodeling?

new-life-home-restoration-remodelingAs we mentioned, insurance companies rarely pay for improvements, but if you have a team of experts advocating to get you the most in your claim, you get closer and closer to the remodel you’ve dreamed of. For example, if you had laminate countertops and can recoup that money, you can then pay a little more out of pocket to upgrade and get those new granite or quartz countertops you’ve always wanted.

Once you know how much your insurance company will pay, you can begin thinking about whether restoration or remodeling is right for you. Knowing the insurance company will pay $X, we can confirm that the money will replace X, Y, and Z. We can also estimate remodeling scenarios if you want to go above and beyond the basic restoration.

The New Life Restoration Showroom

For restoration and remodeling services, New Life Restoration has a showroom where you can come in and plan out your project. At the showroom you can speak to a designer to get ideas, and you can also pick out materials such as cabinets, countertops, flooring and more. At the showroom, it’s all on display and at your fingertips.

The New Life Restoration showroom is just another way to offer our customers everything they need for disaster relief, from cleanup to the final restoration or remodel. We have in-house project managers, designers, and a restoration team – and everyone is working together to rebuild your home or business.

Experiencing a water, fire, mold or trauma disaster is upsetting, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to get the new bathroom, kitchen or other remodel that you’ve always wanted. Make a positive out of your negative experience by remodeling with New Life Restoration. Call us at (805) 925-1600 to get more details on our services.


remodeling Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.6 based on 6 reviews
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Knowledgeable & Efficient

5 5 1
This company has done an amazing job for us. We had severe mold damage from a hidden water heater leak and they have done the mold mitigation and rreconstruction of our kitchen. Deborah has managed the project very professionally, keeps us informed, interacts with the insurance company and relieves our stress. John Gerarden, Cory and Jonathan have done most of the construction work and have been efficient and very pleasant to have around. They are careful, knowledgeable and thorough. Our cabinets were rebuilt and reinstalled by Ken, Pablo, Ryan and Ryan and they are perfect. Cindy, in the showroom, has helped us with new countertops, kitchen sink and faucet and has been a huge help. Call this company, you will not be disappointed!


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I cannot say enough about what a fine, responsible and efficient job New Life did for my total demolition and reconstruction. From the office, Raquel to the workman, Cory and Jesse, they were outstanding. Not only were they considerate (removed my mother's ashes') for me, but they were patient and courteous with me during stressful times. The direction of all this excellence comes from the care with which Deborah handled a very laborious removal of all my things and the replacement when the time finally came. The greatest effort was made to facilitate procedures with a very difficult insurance company. Deborah was firm and consistent with them and remained diligent until the final end. I don't think I could have made this long remodel without the professionalism of Deborah Lamberton. She is an incredible asset to the company. I am grateful to the entire crew.

Effective & Efficient

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New Life and it's associate's are very knowledgeable in the construction and restoration departments, i am very satisfied with their quality of work. They were able to provide quick but effective and efficient service.

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