Meet the New Life Restoration Team

Deborah Lamberton – General Manager.  Deborah was born in Allentown, Penn., joined the Navy in 1988, and is a Navy Seabee Veteran from Desert Storm.  Deborah brings 25+ years of construction background and holds the following certifications: mold inspector, trauma and biohazardous waste cleanup, IICRC certified water damage technician. Deborah is married with one son in college and twin boys.  She spends her spare time with family and traveling.

Raquel Madson – Administrative Assistant.  Raquel was born in Santa Barbara in 1984.  She has worked in the restoration business for over five years, and is a certified restoration carpet cleaner. Raquel is recently married and has a son and a stepdaughter.  In her spare time she takes care of their three dogs, and enjoys flamenco and burlesque dancing.

John Gerarden – Project Manager.  John was born in Newport Beach, California in 1973 and graduated from Righetti High School in Santa Maria in 1991.  John is an IICRC Certified Odor Control Technician, and has been in this field of work for over 20+ years.  He spends his spare time camping, traveling, and building.

Cory Johnson – Lead Water Damage Technician.  Cory was born in Lompoc California in 1990, and graduated from Olive Grove Charter School in 2009.  He is an IICRC certified water damage and odor control technician.  Cory is engaged and has three beautiful boys.  In his spare time, he likes to go fishing and help those who struggle with drug addiction.

Jaime Ruiz – Water Damager Technician.  Jamie was born in Lompoc, California in 1977, and graduated from Lompoc High School in 1995.  Jamie is an IICRC certified water damage and odor control technician. He is the single father of three daughters, and enjoys classic automobiles and fishing.


Deven Ewing – Project Manager.  Deven was born in Harbor City, CA in 1985 and graduated from Lopez High School in Arroyo Grande.  Deven has worked in the construction field for 20 years. He is engaged and just had his first baby in July.  In his spare time, he enjoys motocross and golf.

Jose Juarez – Water Damage Technician.  Jose was born in Santa Maria in 1991, and graduated from Delta High School in 2009.  In 2010 he graduated from Center for Employment Training with a certificate of Business Office Technology.  Jose brings three years of restoration experience to the company, and is an  IICRC certified water damage technician.  Jose was recently married, and has a seven year old son. He spends his spare time with his family.

Jesse Raya – Technician Assistant. Jesse was born in Santa Maria, and graduated from Delta High School in 2015.  In his spare time he enjoys working on his truck and riding horses.