Water Damage Remediation

Water damage to your home or property can be  chaotic, stressful, and leave you with plenty of questions. New Life Restoration is here to support and guide you through the the entire process from start-to-finish. We are here to address all your concerns and assist you with the insurance process.

New Life’s Water Damage Remediation Process:

• You have already taken the first step and called New Life Restoration.
• Inspection & Water Damage Assessment.
• Scope Of Work Discussion
• Water Extraction/Removal
• Removal of Unsalvageable Material
• Cleaning, Sanitizing & Deodorization
• Dry-out Process Begins with Placement of Equipment.
• Daily Monitoring and Moisture Readings.
• Repairs, And Construction

How to Deal with Your Insurance Company after a Disaster

Water damages are covered under insurance. Damages that occur from outside sources,such as bad weather, flooding, mudslides,and slab leaks are not covered under traditional homeowners’ insurance policies.

If you have insurance that covers the source of your water damage, New Life Restoration can assist you. We are vendors with many insurance companies and will work directly with your insurance adjuster. We will document moisture levels, provide them with photos, and detailed estimate.

New Life Restoration is here to help from start-to-finish. If you have items’ that are unsalvageable, we will create a total loss inventory with photos in efforts to get you funds to replace said items from your

If you are in need of a pack out because flooring may need to be removed, we will help with pack out, inventory, and storage whether it be on site in a C-train or off site secure storage. Once your home is ready for your items to be returned, we will happily assist in packing back.

– Rita Williams

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