How to Start a Damage Restoration Business

Yesterday we went to Arroyo Grande and sponsored lunch for 45 associates for Keller Williams Realty. I hope you enjoy the video. There was a lot of energy in the room. Thank you.

Woman: Nice to meet you.

Chuck: Shout out to Keller Williams, by the way, you guys rock. The fact that you’re investing in your future and you wanna better yourself. Keller Williams Rocks the Central Coast. So I started as a painter about 40 years ago with a pickup truck and a bucket and a brush and a dog. And then I came up with this slogan that says “From the bucket to the brush, we’re the painters you can trust.” You know 15 years ago there was the boom, right? Everybody was busy. Well, the contractors would go in and do kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels and they would space the customer out. They wouldn’t put him as a priority. They’d go, one of them grabbed a beer out of the refrigerator in the morning, or the guy never showed up or it took nine months to do their kitchen.

And I’m like I know I can do better. I know how to hire people. I do the desk. I hire on attitude. I actually look at that skill level and match it up with that position. So I can hire good people, smarter than me, better than me. I’m okay with that. I’m not threatened by anybody that’s…and they are. Most of them are smarter than me. So, I appreciate, you know, people being present and doing the right thing, and doing the right thing for a customer.

So we started a kitchen and bath remodeling business called New life Bath and Kitchen. The name of my other business is New life Painting. Three years ago I got approached by a restoration business and it was called Renew. And I bought the restoration business. It’s called New life Restoration. We changed the name. And we really believed that that’s gonna be our flagship of the three businesses. There’s such an opportunity. Insurance business is not an easy business because it’s tied with the mortgage company. It’s tied with insurances. But we think we can make a difference because a lot of the contractors don’t even do the putback. Won’t do the emergency side like the fire, flood water, smoke damage, crime scene cleanup, hoarder cleanup, we do all that. But we work directly with the customer and not on a program to work directly working with the insurance company.

I have two boys, Nathan and Noah. Nathan just got married. He’s 38 and and I’m celebrating my 65th birthday today with you guys. So, … thank you. Nathan just got married for the first time. They’re having a baby. They got married this year, they just bought their first condo on Galena, 1500 square foot for $790,000. So, you know, that’s cheap, right? That’s cheap. It’s all a perception, right? And then my youngest son, Noah graduated from Westmont about 11 years ago. I said, “Hey, son, you want to take over our painting business?” He said, “Great.” The next year, which was the, you know, the downturn, went from a million dollars to almost less than $200,000 the first year. So we rode this storm out together.

Now that the painting company is thriving on the Central Coast. We have 20-something painters, we are looking for painters and we hire on attitude and train skill. We would love to have even a great attitude and somebody that we could teach skill. Somebody that shares our values. Our values are trust and collaboration, communication, fun, team, you know. Once, so, we really value that and that’s how we manage people. And if you don’t have those values, then we just invite you to leave, that’s all. So, if we have those people, we’ll find a position for them. I’ll close with this. My sons, one of his greatest accomplishments is giving back, you know. Paying it forward. So we’ve done multiple Boys and Girls Club for free around the Central Coast. We’ve done Dunn School. Dunn … not Dunn but the elementary school in Nipomo.

Chuck: So here’s the thing. So I’m on the golf course, this guy comes up to me and goes, “Man, thank you so much that you guys painted the bathrooms. You have no idea what a difference that made.” Before that there two girls that got up in front of the school and gave speeches that they would not go into that bathroom because it was so dirty, and grungy. And we went in and we painted the bathrooms. So we’ve done other, we’ve done a school in Guadalupe. We were on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. That we did that. So, we do wanna get back to the community. We wanna work with some non-profits. We like that. My son loves it. I should say I love it, but I love that my son loves it. We’ve done other things with putting grab bars and making it safety free. Anyway, I will close with that because I’m getting a message that we need to move this on. There are some lunches over here…

Woman: amazing.

Chuck: Yes. Yes. Yes. And then there are wraps and salads in there and it’s all freshly made. I think you’ll really enjoy it. And again there’s pins, cards and brochures. And if you ever have any questions feel free to call me. I can work with you. We can give you estimates. We can…you know, I have a manager in the restoration that can help with the hoarder cleanup and water cleanup and all that. So thanks for having me.

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