Hoarding Cleanup Services & Junk Removal

An overwhelming, cluttered house or apartment filled with junk doesn’t happen overnight, and when you’re ready to clean up a hoarding mess, it shouldn’t be carelessly swept away in a day.

At New Life Restoration, we understand that removing items from a hoarder’s house can be an emotional experience for the hoarder. That’s why we’ll work with you to create a plan you’ll be comfortable with — and we follow it until we get your home or property on the road to cleaner, safer living conditions.

We Handle Items (and Our Clients) with Care

Pile of misc items stored in an unorganized fashion in a roomWe understand that a living space overtaken by hoarding can cause shame and embarrassment. We also know that, even when a home or property owner wishes for help with cleaning the home, emotional ties to items are still very real.

Our hoarding specialists are here to remove as much discomfort as possible, and that’s why we focus on compassion and discretion. We won’t move forward until you are comfortable. We know how to recognize items of value — like sentimental items, photographs, antiques, heirlooms, and more — and we’ll do our best to recover and keep those items safe for you.

Removal of Disposable Items

You won’t have to worry about any dumpster trips, and you won’t have to worry about actually throwing anything away. We’ll take that emotional burden off your plate, and handle the complete removal of any disposable items for you.


Biohazards are a real risk in homes where hoarding has taken place, and the problem may seem completely overwhelming and dangerous. But rest assured — at New Life Restoration, we are fully trained to handle those hazards safely.

It’s not uncommon for us to uncover rodent feces, human waste, bed bugs, animals, mold, asbestos, and more. We will safely and discreetly remove these hazards — while often preserving some important items and furniture.

Home Sanitizing

We’ll help you on your way to a fresh start. We won’t walk away until the job is complete and the property is safe to live in again. Our hoarder cleanup service includes a sanitizing process that involves a complete and thorough cleaning until the home is hygienic.

Customer Testimonial

We had a very bad “Hoarder House” situation. I called another company first and because our house was so bad … they were not sure they even wanted the job. When they did get back to me, they gave me a very expensive estimate.

When I called New Life Restoration, they quoted me their hourly rate, the number of people needed and the possible worse case situation. Tuesday morning Deborah, Cory, John and three technicians arrived and started cleaning. They worked very hard, fast and efficiently. We were quite pleased with the work and the relationship we had with New Life Restoration; we would definitely recommend them to others with a similar situation. – Jan Froom, Santa Maria CA

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We are here to help you deal with your hoarding situation and will handle the cleanup of your home or property delicately and thoroughly. Our hoarding cleaning services are here to alleviate your stress and anxiety, rather than adding to it.

We provide hoarding cleanup, removal and moving services in Santa Maria, Nipomo, Orcutt, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach and other cities and towns in the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. Call us 24/7 at (805) 925-1600. We’ll walk you through the process to a better life.

Hoarding Resources

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