Your living room is under water. You’re quickly ticking off the damage in your head — floors, furniture, walls, precious heirlooms and memories. You don’t know if you should start doing something — and what that something would even look like.

Flooding in your home is disastrous, and if you’re thinking you need to spring into action quickly, you’re absolutely right. When water damage isn’t handled quickly — and properly — you risk untold damage to the structure of your home, the items within your home, and even damage from mold growth.

Flood and storm damage causes problems that are both immediate and in the future. Having the right team on your side can minimize the challenges you’re about to be faced with, saving you money, getting the most from your insurance, and restoring your home back to its original (or better) shape.

The Cleanup Process

We’re a nation of DIYers, and that’s a great thing when it comes to fix-up-your-house projects, or even learning a new skill like changing the oil in your car. But when your house has been assaulted by flood and storm damage, you need to let your DIY spirit take a back seat.

There is actually a scientific process to water removal that involves specialized equipment, certified training, and more. If you try to remove the water yourself and pat it dry, you will likely miss problems that will eventually lead to mold and dry rot down the road. When your home — your biggest investment — is on the line, it’s simply not worth it to take shortcuts.

At New Life Restoration, our employees are IICRC, WTR certified and extensively trained in the correct process for water damage restoration and drying down your home.

We will:

  • Extract the water from your home
  • Remove affected materials
  • Completely dry down your home
  • Assess for mold damage
  • Restore or remodel the affected area

Always Available. Always Ready

As a 24/7 disaster cleanup, restoration, and remodeling company, we’re faster to any size disaster than anyone around. We aim to be to your home in under an hour and a half (depending on traffic). And since water damage happens quickly and mold can begin growing within 72 hours, quick response is never more crucial.

What About Insurance?

Most flood damage that comes from outside sources, like bad weather or mudslides, is not covered under homeowner’s insurance. If you live in an area that is prone to these specific types of damages, it’s critical for you to have flood insurance.

If you have flood insurance, we can take a burden off your shoulders by handling many of the details your insurance company will require. We’ll create itemized lists of damaged items, along with costs to restore your home. Our inspections are thorough to ensure we’re catching every part of the damage. And not only do we handle careful inspections and documentation, we’ll even advocate for you during the insurance claims process.

You deserve to get the most money for your home restoration or remodel, and we’ll hold your hand through the process.

Storm Damage Repair

There’s no doubt about it. A flood in your home is a nightmare. Fortunately, with New Life Restoration’s help, the nightmare of damage can end. But what about after? Once the waters have receded, the carpet is ripped out, the floorboards are dry, and you’re certain mold won’t sneak its way into the crevices of your home… what do you do then? The damage is controlled, but now you’re left with a home that looks nothing like it’s supposed to.

New Life Restoration will help you with that part too. We’ll walk you through your options — should you restore back to your home’s original condition, or should you use this opportunity to upgrade to something newer, fresher, and more on trend? Our experienced restorers and designers will help you make a decision that makes sense for your home and your life. We’ll walk you through, every step of the way.

For expert help, relief, and burdens lifted when the unthinkable happens to your home, give New Life Restoration a call at (805) 925-1600, or use our website’s contact form.


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