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Emergency Packout

If you’ve ever experienced a home flood or fire, you know it makes hundreds of things run through your head at once. All of a sudden, you’re worrying about safety, structure damage, carpet damage, mold, smoke smells, and so much more. A disaster of this nature also sends your mind running like crazy as you think about all of your belongings. What has been ruined? What can you save? Is it possible to restore your heirlooms?

These issues are hard to handle — both physically and emotionally — especially when you’re worried about stopping the immediate disaster, restoring your home, working with insurance, and taking care of your family. That’s where emergency packout services from New Life Restoration come in. We handle the process of removing your belongings from your damaged home so you don’t have to.

Gain peace of mind, knowing the professionals will take care of every detail — from packing up, to analyzing damaged contents to working with insurance, and more.

Packing Out

It’s critical to pack out your belongings as quickly as possible after your home has suffered fire or water damage. The longer the items sit in a damaged state, the worse your chances of restoration become. Mold can grow in as little as four days, destroying some materials, while soot and smoke damage can cause irreparable harm to your belongings if left unchecked.

Quickly packing and moving your belongings to a secure facility is an urgent matter, and one we’re prepared to do. Once we have your belongings in a secure place, we can work on the process of analyzing them.

Analyzing Your Belongings

We can assess each of your items for potential restoration and can make recommendations to you. We understand the value of your items — we have irreplaceable heirlooms too! — and we work hard to make sure we make accurate assessments of their condition and potential. We handle your items with care, and we aim to be sensitive to their meaning to you.

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As we assess, we document and inventory your belongings. This is helpful for both you and for your insurance company. With our accurate inventory, you can run through your mental checklist of your items and make sure everything has been taken care of. We also document the condition of the items so that we can work with your insurance on your behalf to get your belongings restored. We also document the items that can’t be restored so that insurance can step in.

Restoration and Return

Once we’ve been able to help you restore the items that could be restored, we’ll return them to you. We know how important your items are to you, and how much you’ll be missing them, so we work quickly and thoroughly on this process. We love this moment of righting what went wrong in your life!


We know how hard it can be to work with insurance. That’s why we carefully document and inventory your items, and it’s also why we step in as an advocate on your behalf to handle negotiations and more with your insurance company. We’ll help you through this process, and work to get you what you deserve.

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We’re Available 24/7

As a 24/7 disaster cleanup, restoration, and remodeling company, we’re faster to any size disaster anywhere in California’s Central Coast. We understand the extreme urgency of disasters, and we don’t waste time getting to you. A disaster is already bad enough; we want to minimize the effects as much as possible.

And because we aren’t just cleanup, in addition to emergency packout services, we can help with emergency boardup, flood cleanup, smoke damage, odor removal, and also offer residential and commercial moving services.

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