Disinfection and Decontamination Services

An infectious outbreak in your place of business is not only dangerous to the health of your employees and clients; it can also hurt your company’s reputation beyond repair, cause you to lose profits and customers, and so much more. In short, an infectious outbreak can be the end of your business.

Disinfection and decontamination services kill pathogen bacteria, inactivate viruses, and more to help you keep the health of your business intact. At New Life Restoration, we’re prepared to step in when you have an emergency, but we’ll also help you prevent contamination. Every industry is at risk for the spread of contamination, and we’ll work with you to put a prevention plan in place to keep your business protected.

Emergency Decontamination Services

If your company encounters a contamination, be aware that bacteria doubles every 15 minutes. This is not a time to sit back and stall. It’s critical that you act fast. And that’s why New Life Restoration is a 24/7 restoration company. We get to any size disaster faster in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

Customized Disinfection and Decontamination Services

Every industry is different. A restaurant has different decontamination needs than an athletic facility. A school needs a different plan than a veterinary office. And a hospital operates based on strict industry standards. We understand the different needs and put together customized plans for your industry.

All of our plans include sterilization, disinfection, and planning for emergency issues.

Healthcare: We’ll meet your industry’s standards, providing you with a layer of protection. We’ll decontaminate your facility if an infectious outbreak has occurred, and we’ll prevent pathogens from reproducing.

Food Service: We know that one outbreak could shut down your restaurant or food truck forever. That’s why we put a plan in place to disinfect invisible pathogens in all areas of your business, even the hard-to-reach, out-of-sight areas.

Education: Nothing is more precious than children, and we take their health and safety seriously. Our disinfection and decontamination services at schools and daycares do more than just make things look clean; we eliminate invisible pathogens and provide extended protection against the spread of infectious disease.

Athletic Facilities: We understand how easy it is for pathogens to spread in a facility like a gym. We’ll test your facility for current contamination, assess your risk, and create a safe plan to protect your business and your customers.

Veterinary Offices: Your clients are some of the most lovable and friendly in the world, and we want to protect those furry friends — and their owners — from harm. We’ll create a customized plan that takes all the special considerations of a vet’s office into account.

Homes: And what about your home? As the place where we retreat from the world, our homes should be clean and protected against pathogens. Our disinfection services will keep your home looking clean, smelling clean, and feeling clean. We’ll help eliminate harmful pathogens from your home, and prevent their return.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your home or business is clean and free of harmful pathogens — and that there is a strong plan in place should it become infected — allows you to operate and live with peace of mind. We love that we can provide that peace of mind with proven, scientific, and verifiable methods that allow your home or business to be disinfected and decontaminated.

We love our customers, and when you work with us, you’ll feel our care and concern. We understand the stress of situations that necessitate decontamination, and that’s why we make every effort to work quickly and thoroughly. We also communicate with you at every step of the process so you won’t be faced with surprises. Whether we’re handling an outbreak in an emergency situation, or preventing the spread of pathogens in a planned manner, We want to make this process as easy as possible.

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