Contents Cleaning & Restoration

People talk a lot about restoring homes after a disaster — the floors that need to be ripped out and replaced, the drywall that needs to be knocked down and replaced, the roof that needs to be repaired, etc. All of this is important and critical (and New Life Restoration can help with any of it), but some of the most valuable items — both in dollars and in sentimentality — are the belongings inside your home.

What happens to the contents of your home when soot, water, mold, fire, or smoke damages them? Are you left on your own to figure out what to toss and what to keep? Do you have to analyze the damage and determine how best to fix it?

The thought of going it alone can be terrifying. That’s why New Life Restoration can help you with emergency pack up, contents cleaning, and secure storage of your belongings. Don’t throw in the towel and consider your beloved items and treasures a total loss. We can restore many of your important items, and you can rest easy knowing we’ve got the situation handled.

Emergency Pack Up

As a 24/7 disaster cleanup, restoration, remodeling and moving company, we can get to your home in a hurry. And that speed is vital in the restoration of your items. The sooner we can pack up preserved and damaged items out of your house, the better they will fare.

Mold can begin growing on items in less than 2 days, so if water damage has entered your home, you’ll need your affected belongings taken care of immediately. And the longer soot and smoke are allowed to sit on your items, the greater the chance those items will be damaged beyond repair.

We’ll handle all the details of quickly packing out your affected items, including documentation for insurance purposes.

Contents Cleaning

Once we have your belongings out of your home, we’ll go to work on cleaning and restoring. While some items may be damaged beyond repair, we can thoroughly clean more than you may think.

Most people realize smoke will damage the smell of an item, but they don’t realize that soot and smoke residue can permanently damage the appearance of items as well. And it can happen quickly. We’ll remove trace residues left by soot and smoke to ensure the smell will not linger, but also so that the items will not be left permanently damaged.

If your items have been damaged by water and/or mold, we’ll follow a scientific process to thoroughly dry, sanitize, and deodorize the items. As in soot and smoke, water and mold damage can destroy an item beyond repair in a relatively short amount of time. That’s why we work quickly and thoroughly to ensure the process is handled correctly and in time.

What about important documents? While some may be a total loss, we can also use a process of drying, decontaminating, and deodorizing your documents to bring some back to good shape. If needed, we’ll also scan documents and store them electronically for you, always keeping your privacy our top priority.

Secure Storage

During the cleaning process, you can feel safe knowing we’re storing your items in a secure, climate-controlled facility. And once we’ve completed the cleaning process, we’ll continue to store your belongings in our facility as your home undergoes needed repairs and restoration. Once you are ready to have your items in your home again, we’ll return them to you.

All along the way, we’ll keep detailed notes and take photographs for insurance. We’re experienced at working with insurance companies, and we know what they expect. Not only will we document your items appropriately, we’ll advocate on your behalf with your company if you need help. Let us help you through the process.

In addition to contents cleaning, we can tackle any of the other cleanup or restoration items you are faced with. We can remove smoke damage and odor removal from your home, thoroughly dry out your home after a flood, handle mold remediation, clean up after a windstorm, and so much more.

Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible after you’ve been faced with a home disaster. Give us a call at (805) 925-1600, or contact us online.

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