The Most Common Home Disasters to Happen While You’re on Vacationcommon home disasters

Vacations, especially summer vacations, are supposed to be relaxing breaks from your daily cares and stresses. And most of the time, that’s exactly what they are. But occasionally, disaster strikes while you’re away from home, leaving you with difficult problems to return to. Knowing the most common home disasters that could happen while you’re on vacation will help you to better prepare before you leave. Some disasters are, unfortunately, not preventable, but you can protect yourself now by making sure you have proper insurance.

Plus, this is the best time to figure out the best disaster relief company in your area. You don’t want to choose a company blindly when you’re in a panic.


If you aren’t home when a fire breaks out, it could take a while for somebody to notice your house is on fire and call 911. A fire can happen for any number of reasons, but lightning may be the culprit during a summer vacation.  Faulty wiring is a real concern as well.

What you can do: Have a lightning rod installed by a professional to prevent a lightning strike on your home, and keep up on the maintenance of your home.


Summer humidity can cause mold to grow, and it doesn’t take long for this to happen. The problem with mold is it can be extremely hard to get rid of once it’s in your home. You’ll often have to hire a professional to make sure it’s completely removed — because the other problem with mold is it can live in places you don’t see. And it can spread in those places, completely unnoticed by you.

What you can do: Keep your air conditioner running while you are away (set it for a few degrees higher than usual).

Fallen Tree

Whether it’s a summer storm or simply a rotted tree that finally had enough, a fallen tree on your roof is a huge disaster. 

What you can do: Keep your trees trimmed so limbs don’t hang too close to your home. Also, hire an arborist to inspect your trees for rot you may not notice. An arborist can also tell you if you have an unbalanced tree that might be likely to tip over in a heavy storm.


A burst pipe, an aging washing machine, a sprinkler you forgot to turn off. Many things can cause a flood, and a flood can destroy your home — especially if you aren’t home to stop it. Not only is there water damage to deal with, a flood can cause mold to begin growing.

What you can do: Perform regular maintenance throughout your home, and pay attention to drips. Before your trip, check hoses and appliances. You can even turn off your water supply if you want. Just be sure to let the tank fill with water before turning the water heater on when you get back.

Home disasters are stressful for everyone. Learn about your insurance policy now, and remember that New Life Restoration offers 24-hour service to Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County. We’re a family company that offers prompt, professional service you can trust. Give us a call at (805) 925-1600, or visit us online.

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