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Emergency Board Ups & Tarp Ups

A tree falls on your roof. Someone throws a rock through your storefront window. A driver loses control and runs their vehicle into the side of your home. Beyond the initial damage, all of these scenarios leave your home or business vulnerable to further damage from weather or vandalism. As overwhelming as it is to deal with an unexpected damage, this is not the time to sit back. It may take a while to restore your home or business to its pre-damage state, but you need to take measures to immediately protect your property — right now.

That’s where boarding up and tarping up comes in. At New Life Restoration, we’re faster to any size disaster, and we can board up and/or tarp up exposed areas of your home or business to prevent further damage.

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Emergency Tarping

You have a new hole in your roof, and it needs immediate attention now. But it will take days — or longer — before a roofing crew can get to your house, assess the situation, secure the proper materials, and get started rebuilding your roof. What will happen to your home, your carpet, your furniture, your appliances, and more in the meantime while your home is exposed?

Emergency tarping after damage to your roof or other areas of the house is a critical step in protecting and securing your home. New Life Restoration will handle the tarp up with professional techniques that keep your home secure from animals and weather. Not only that, when you use New Life Restoration, you won’t risk a fall from your roof. We do this all the time and have been trained in proper safety procedures. We’ll safely handle the situation while you attend to the thousands of other details that have just landed in your plate due to your recent disaster.

Emergency Boarding

When your window breaks in the middle of the night or a tree knocks a hole in the side of your house, it’s going to be hard to sleep, knowing that anyone and anything now has free access to your home. That’s why emergency board-ups are so important. New Life Restoration will board up any new entry points into your home to prevent your home receiving further damage from thieves, weather, animals, and even the peering eyes of neighbors.


Could you throw a tarp over your roof yourself, or nail boards over your broken windows? Sure, but are you positive you can do a thorough-enough job to keep rodents, thieves, and rain out of your home? The team at New Life Restoration is highly trained on everything to consider when boarding up and tarping up a home or business. And not only that, most of the time, these services are covered by your insurance, which is a huge relief. It also means you don’t have a reason to wait. Get board ups and tarp ups taken care of immediately so your home can be protected. New Life Restoration will even walk you through the insurance process and act as an advocate on your behalf.

Any Size, Any Time

We’re prepared for any size disaster — at any time of day or night. From small homes to high-rise buildings, we have the equipment, knowledge, training, and ability to properly board up or tarp up your home or building after a disaster.

We can get to anywhere in the California’s Central Coast in an hour and a half or less (depending on traffic) and get started on the initial assessment and securing of your property.

When it comes to your home or livelihood, don’t take chances. Let us keep you secure, ease your mind, and help you with the insurance process. You’ve been through enough. We’re here to make your day look better.

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