About New Life Restoration

New Life Restoration is our latest expansion into home services for our community in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. Over the years you’ve trusted us for interior & exterior painting, and bath & kitchen remodeling. Perfecting your home has been our long-time goal, so we have assembled a highly skilled team of disaster relief experts along with our contractors and skilled tradesmen to bring you the support and expertise that you need when handling water, fire, mold or trauma disasters.

New Life Restoration team 2023

Why Choose New Life Restoration?

New Life Restoration’s combination of fast service, dedicated disaster experts, and family values makes it unlike any other disaster relief company in our area. A few reasons we stand out from the competition:

We are a family company.

Most disaster relief companies in Central Coastal California are franchises – big, national chains that are focused on making a profit, not on delivering the best customer experience and support during your disaster. New Life Restoration is a family company that treats our customers how we’d want our own family treated. This means quick service, experience you can count on, with friendly, trusted staff who can support you and help out in your emergency situation.

We are not affiliated with insurance companies.

Another thing about those big franchises that most people don’t realize – many actually have ties with the insurance companies, which can create a conflict of interest when they assess your damage and try to get insurance money to cover that damage. As the insurance company’s ‘preferred vendors’ they’re not just working for you – they’re also working to protect the insurance company’s bottom line.

You do NOT have to blindly accept the insurance company’s preferred vendor. By law you are allowed to choose any disaster relief company you want – and when you choose New Life Restoration, you know you have a team that is working for you and you alone. We work hard to get every penny of insurance money that you deserve. YOU are our top and only priority.

We offer fast, 24/7 service.

When you’re dealing with a disaster, every minute counts. Just like the police and fire departments are waiting to serve you at any moment, New Life Restoration is also just a phone call away, 24/7. We offer a service area of approximately 100 miles, and we’re always ready to suit up, even in the middle of the night. Our goal is to get to you within an hour and a half, depending on travel time.

We employ the top professional disaster experts.

Our staff has the education, training and experience that you can count on during any disaster. Our project managers have been handling disaster cleanup and restoration for years; they have a proven track record of managing disasters while providing the best customer service. We also have a trusted network of employees and affiliates with specialized skills, such as electrical, plumbing, flooring, carpentry, tiling and more. Every detail of your project is put into capable hands.

We can make disaster a positive with remodeling services.

Disasters are typically overwhelming and negative events, but New Life Restoration can help you turn that negative into a positive. While other companies focus on basic cleanup or restoration (restoring the area to its prior condition), New Life Restoration can help you improve your home too.

To simplify the process, our remodeling division works hand in hand with our disaster relief divisions. Your disaster relief project manager will fight to get you every penny for your restoration, and many homeowners see this as the perfect time to put in a little extra to get the remodel they’ve been dreaming of. At our showroom you can speak to designers and pick out materials, then your project is carried out by skilled New Life Restoration contractors and tradesmen. It’s a perfect way to take something negative, like a disaster, and turn it into a positive – like getting the home of your dreams.

New Life Restoration is a family company, dedicated to helping your family through disasters such as water, fire, mold or trauma. Get the disaster relief you need from a company you can trust by calling (805) 925-1600.


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